Flu Clinic Update

Flu Clinics

Book your flu vaccinations appointments for 2019 now. Contact the surgery on 0161 740 9864.

If you were unable to attend the weekend flu clinics, you can now telephone the surgery and book into one of our week day flu clinics.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a flu vaccine this year, please click on the following link. Am i eligible for a flu vaccine?

Myths about Flu and the Flu Jab
“Ive had the flu jab and it actually gave me flu”

The flu jab does not give you the flu. Some people can experience side effects that feel a bit like flu but these go away after a day or two. The part of the flu virus in the jab given to adults in the UK is inactivated and so cannot cause the flu. The jab does take around 2 weeks to become fully effective, so you could catch flu until your immunity has built up. It is best to have the flu vaccine at the start of the flu season in the Autumn, but its still worth getting vaccinated any time before the end of the flu season.

“Flu is just a bad cold, isnt it?”

No! Its much more than that! Headaches, a high temperature and a sore throat may make it feel like a cold, but your also likely to have muscle aches, feel shivery and be too weak to even get out of bed. Flu can also develop into more serious illness – such as Pneumonia or Bronchitis, and some people have to be admitted to hospital with flu complications.

“You only get a bad bout of flu if you’re old or unwell”

While its true people in poor health are more at risk, anyone can develop severe flu symptoms. Some people (such as the elderly or pregnant women) are at increased risk of flu complications, even if they are in good health.